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Old Lens, New Camera

Mamiya in the Swamp - FILM IS NOT DEAD!

About 6 months ago I bought an older film camera, a circa 1980 Mamiya m645 1000s with a 45mm and a 150mm lens. I've really enjoyed using it, there is such a nice quality to the images you can get on film, the feel of the camera in your hand is wonderful, and it has really forced me to slow down to think about exposure, composition and light. It's funny, but I feel using an old analog machine like this has even improved my digital imagery, I find myself taking less images, even on digital where each push of the shutter is essentially free...

About three months ago I purchased the Fotodiox Pro Mount Adapter to be able to use my Mamiya lenses on my digital Nikon. And it pretty much just sat in the bottom of my camera bag since then.

So where does the "New Camera" part of this post come in. Here it is: a couple weeks ago I bit the bullet and upgraded my digital camera body and am now the proud owner of the amazing Nikon D750, wow is it powerful! I quickly realized that I was going to fall in love with this camera.

Last weekend I awoke Sunday morning (early as usual) to find that there was a nice fresh coating of spring snow and the sun just starting to rise, the light was just stunning. I decided it was time to put that Fotodiox adapter to use on my new camera. I grabbed my gear and headed out for a walk. I had two planned stops, one was a neighbors magnolia tree which had recently bloomed and the other was a small beach on Putnam Lake, both a short walk from our house. The beach is on the western shore of the lake, so the morning sun can add some wonderful back-lighting to the grasses on the shore. It was an absolute beauty of a morning.

Later that day my wife and I went for a short afternoon walk along the Appalachian Trail boardwalk in Pawling, NY, some snow was still hanging on the cattails and there was a mostly blue sky with a few high clouds. What a day.

Below are a selection of shots from the day using the following set up:

Nikon D750 | Fotodiox Pro Mount Adapter M645-Nikon | Mamiya 150mm f/3.5

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